What I’m Wearing:

 Primark Mickey Mouse Shirt // Topshop Tank Top //Vintage Beads //Primark Sunglasses // American Apparel Leggings //Adidas Pharrell Williams Superstar Trainers

So you will have seen these aren’t my typical blog style photos. While I would not like to share all my vacation photos from our ongoing excursion to Disneyland (a young lady needs to keep somethings private ya know) I couldn’t avoid sharing a few pictures from our first day as it was so astonishing and I really got the chance to meet some Disney characters. Any individual who needs to disclose to me they are simply individuals in ensembles please leave my blog now………

So my the very first moment outfit – yes it’s that Mickey Mouse shirt once more. Please, you didn’t anticipate that me should visit Disneyland and not wear the shirt! This outfit is very fundamental and not beautiful for me, yet now and again comfort precedes design, particularly when you are going through the day strolling around an amusement park. I felt the shirt and Minnie Mouse ears were sufficient so taken no chances with the top and tights. Yet, when you include those supernatural Minnie Mouse ears any outfit becomes stunning right?! I could without much of a stretch wear them regular. Damn I want to be prominent and could make it another craze……

Concerning Disneyland – it was astounding! I would prescribe it for anybody, any age! I can’t express gratitude toward Jimmy enough for taking me on such an incredible occasion! What’s more, on account of him for every one of my photos – he didn’t grumble once about sticking around to take pictures of me with the characters. Albeit, following 2 and a half long stretches of standing by to meet Minnie Mouse I think he was near griping haha!

I will no uncertainty share more photos from our stumble over on my Instagram page yet here is a little bit of me hanging with more characters. Look how energized Minnie is to meet me……….

Me and Minnie – Similar Outfit Details
Me, King Louie and Baloo – Monki (will be featured in a blog soon)

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