What I’m Wearing:

Monki Shearling Aviator Jacket // Pretty Little Thing Stripey Knit // Monki Jeans // Primark Boots // Hello Kitty x ASOS bag.

Glad New Year! I trust 2018 commenced magnificently for everybody.

I comprehend what you are thinking. Jennifer did you need another coat? Didn’t your closet breakdown just a couple of months prior due the heaviness of the coats you effectively claim? Furthermore, the appropriate response is YES! I needed it and I have fixed the closet senseless – it shouldn’t crumple again for some time.

This is my winter 2017 deal. £37.50! Worth each penny and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. My adored Monki never neglect to deliver the products. Indeed I know everybody and their granny has been shaking this coat yet that didn’t put me off. In the event that lone it hadn’t been £95 to begin with it, at that point I would have had it some time before now. Be that as it may, hello – I love a deal, so I am so cheerful I paused.

In the event that any other individual is searching for a deal – these boots are currently down to £3 in Primark.

I wore this outfit on the first January when Jimmy and I went a little stroll about Glasgow downtown area – which was curiously occupied for new years day. It was cold! Most likely not the greatest day for fishnets and pants with missing boards – yet you know – style what not. Fortunately my new coat kept me warm up top. A unique hi to the cutest little pack ever! Who needs a Gucci pack when you can have a Hello Kitty sack!

What’s more, since this is my first blog entry of 2018 I should share my lone new year goals – quit purchasing such a significant number of garments for it. I have quite recently gotten out 11 packs of garments for the philanthropy shop and have a bag brimming with things to sell. Nobody needs that measure of garments. Starting now and into the foreseeable future I will just purchase pieces I truly love and need. Also, for the occasion – I certainly needn’t bother with additional coats!

How about we perceive to what extent before I break this goals eh!

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